What you’ll learn

Guest presenters share:

🎤 How many presentations do you do each year, on average?

🎤 How does presenting pay off for you?

🎤 Speaking fee range? Close # of clients per gig? Back-of-the-room sales? What else?

🎤 Where have you presented in the last 12 months? Upcoming?

🎤 How do you craft your presentation titles? Examples of your catchiest titles?

🎤 In addition to what your host does, how do you promote your presentations?

🎤 What inspired you to start presenting? How did you first get invited?

🎤 If you could go back in time, what lessons would you tell yourself about presenting?

🎤 How do you manage getting booked, repeat gigs, etc?

🎤 Favorite tools, tricks, techniques?
a) For Prep: …before presentation?
b) For During: …engaging the audience? Capture feedback & sales?
c) For After: …follow-up with the attendees, hosts, sponsors, etc?

🎤 Who’s your favorite famous presenter?  (…and Why?)

🎤 Who’s your favorite local presenter that you know?

🎤 How can others contact you, invite you to present or see you in action?

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